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Full-Day Hike with Boat Charter

Some trails just can't be reached by car - so why not hop in a boat!

Mt Edgecumbe

Surround yourself by the land and sea on this full-day hiking trip. This tour takes us even more off the beaten path to find the best kept secrets that Southeast Alaska has to offer. The boat ride in itself is an adventure. Look for whales, otters and seabirds as we charter our way across the bay to start our full-day hiking adventure. Note: Due to the terrain, steep slopes, and typical weather in Southeast Alaska, these hiking tours are categorized as difficult. That said, I can be flexible in length, time, and difficulty of each hike depending on ability and desire!

Price: Call for quote

Duration: 8-10 hours

Mileage: 5-14 miles

Location: Sitka, Alaska

*Duration and mileage vary depending on desired length, ability and weather

Contact to book!

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